Keeping Up With Mrs. Smith

When a perfectionist moves into a fixer-upper…


It all started with a foreclosure…

Four years ago, Mr. Smith and I purchased a fixer-upper in Clyde, Texas (or as the locals call it, “Clyde, America”).  Moving into a century-old house, I expected to find heart pine floors resting beneath the stained carpet and original copies of the Declaration of Independence nestled behind the sheetrock.  Instead, since our house sat in foreclosure for a few years, we discovered a used condom in the guest room closet, a crack pipe on the window sill and…well…let’s just say a few transients had used the toilets and forgot to flush.


Four years later, our fixer-upper is miles away from the state we found it in thanks to a lot of time, sanity and resources spent nurturing it.  Refusing to go into further debt, Mr. Smith and I have done much of the work ourselves and have saved our pennies for the times when we’ve needed a professional.  I’d be lost without Craigslist, Lowes and above all, PAINT!  I truly believe that, in addition to love, our house is held together by paint.  :)

The first day I met our house, I knew it would require a lot of repair.  What I did not know was that our house would repair us just as much, if not more, in return.


Through broken plumbing, faulty wiring, funny smells and roof rats, I’ve become a little more patient, a lot more daring and all the more grateful for friends and loved ones who have been brave enough to share a meal with us during the sweltering heat, the freezing cold and every season in between.  (A separate Thank You goes to our cats, Brody and Baby Girl.  You two have been such troopers!)

Thank you for Keeping Up with me and I hope this blog inspires you, encourages you or at least puts another trick in your pocket.  :)

Current House Project:

Remodeling the highly-icky laundry room:

laundry room

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