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A Good Season

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It’s amazing to think that a little less than two months ago, our garden looked like this:

I love how you can put plants and seeds in the ground and they eventually become FOOD!

This Early Girl tomato is my pride and joy because it’s almost ready to pick and it is not even summer yet.  I was very adamant about getting my garden going early so that I could enjoy an early bounty.

Looks like that Easter weekend rush paid off!

Sticks and strings:  The secret to a cheap tomato suspension system.

Thanks to two days of glorious rain last week, our tomato plants tripled in size.  (Isn’t it amazing what a little rain can do??)  One day, the plants were neat and manageable, the next they were a squirrel’s nest.  It took me two hours and two t-shirts to tie everything up and restore order to the rogue tomato vines.

Glorious cherry tomatoes!

Our chili plants are out of control and thank goodness.  Dave counted seven peppers on one plant this morning.  The amazing thing is that that plant did NOT have seven peppers yesterday.

First watermelon I’ve ever grown.

Last week it was the size of a tennis ball.

This week, it’s the size of a pickle ball.

Next week, I’m hoping to advance to basketball.  ;)

I love having fresh dill.  Ina Garten or The Barefoot Contessa uses it in a lot of her dishes and I can see why.  It is such a flavor booster!

Our marigolds are working hard to chase away pesky bugs.  I’m trying REALLY hard not to blast everything with Sevin dust, people.  Thankfully, soapy water and cayenne pepper have been working so far with one exception:


This has been the fourth mature squash plant to die on me!  I have never had so much trouble keeping a squash plant alive!

In the beginning, it was the caterpillars.

Then came the destructive winds.

This time, I think the culprit is squash bugs.


In past years, my squash plants have been my saving glory.  They would produce tons of fruit while every other plant remained at a standstill.

Grrrr.  The subject of squash has been making me grumpy lately.  Very grumpy.

How about we take another look at that sexy tomato?

Ahh, that’s better.


For all you local yokels:

If you want fresh, organic vegetables without all of the work, head on out to the Clyde, Texas Farmers Market on North 1st Street every Saturday from 8:30-12 starting June 2nd!!

In addition to produce, there will be farm-fresh eggs, raw milk, handmade jewelry and quilts, jams and jellies and much more!   Come check it out and support local business and local farmers!

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