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A Heart-Warming Cat Story

Wanna hear a heart-warming cat story?………..

I’ve always considered myself a crazy cat lady, but as of yesterday, I think I stepped into the realm of cat whisperer….

A few months after Mr. Smith and I moved into our house, we met a sweet little stray cat.  We named her Misty.

Misty has since had three litters of kittens, and even though we’ve fed her and showered her with affection, she has not once chosen to birth her babies on our property.

As a kitten fiend, this naturally offends me.

The first time we noticed that she was expecting, I set out a box for her by our back door.

“Here, kitty.  Hint, hint!”

Misty was not impressed.

Before her next litter, I tried to make our old shed as friendly as possible.

“How about this place?  Look at all that room!”


For this last litter, I decided to go ALL out!  I made sure…

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